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Wrap Secret Treatment

Tummy-binding has been practiced for centuries as a slimming treatment in countries all over the world, including the USA, Japan and Malaysia. Wrap Secret Treatment updates this ancient wisdom, combining key elements of both Chinese and Western beauty techniques. This highly effective therapy successfully enables mothers to regain their original shape quickly and in a healthy way.

During pregnancy, the body of a woman produces Relaxin, a hormone that can greatly increase the flexibility of muscles and bones, allowing easy expansion of the abdominal muscles, ribcage and pelvis to provide sufficient room for the baby to grow. After delivery, the resulting expansion of the pelvis and ribcage leaves new mums with a very different shape from the slimline figure they displayed before their pregnancy.

Fortunately the body flexibility produced by Relaxin makes the immediate post-delivery period an ideal opportunity for mums to regain their shape. Taking advantage of this golden period, Signature Body Shape Recovery Treatment uses the strong supporting power of her binding to help mothers shrink their expanded ribcage and pelvis, reduce the problem of big hips, and regain their pre-birth curves.

Since the foetus grows rapidly during the final stages of pregnancy, the mother's uterus also expands quickly to accommodate the developing baby. As delivery approaches, the expanded uterus will stretch and tear the connective tissue joining the two bands of the Rectus Abdominis – the vertical abdominal muscles, often known as the “abs” or “six-pack” – resulting in a disorder called Diastasis recti or abdominal separation. If these muscles cannot return to their normal position, the tummy may continue to bulge, preventing the mother from regaining a flat stomach.  Signature Body Shape Recovery Treatment uses a special binding girdle to help the vertical abdominal muscles heal inward and to remove excess fluid and gas, giving a much flatter stomach.

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