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We use quality herbs from organic farms, and combined this with essential Chinese and Western beauty techniques to develop our unique natural treatment –Signature Body  Shape Recovery – helping numerous mothers to quickly regain their shape in a healthy way after giving birth.
Tradition Herbal Formula with Effective Fat Burning and Rejuvenation
The herbal formula contains a special selection of quality organic herbs which can effectively burn fat and stimulate self-rejuvenation of the body, leading to a quick recovery of health. This formula enables the new mother to enhance blood circulation, prevent swelling, get rid of “trapped wind”, and firm the skin to reduce prominent stretch marks.
Post-natal herbal massage helps mothers regain their health and perfect curves with soft massage techniques on pressure points, using carefully formulated herbs and plant oil. The treatment is effective in lymphatic and meridian drainage, reducing swelling, and stimulating the overall metabolism.
Grasp the Golden Period after Delivery to Repair Torn Vertical Abdominal Muscles
After delivery, the body of a woman enters the golden period of self-recovery induced by the secretion of Relaxin, a hormone that greatly increases the softness of muscles and bones, creating a window of opportunity for body reshaping. During pregnancy, Relaxin helps expand the belly muscles, ribcage and pelvic bones of a mother to allow sufficient space for the baby to grow. Post natal tummy-binding technique to take full advantage of this physiological change by using the stretching and supporting powers to reframe the expanded ribcage and pelvic region. This enables to bring mothers the tiniest waist and best hips of their entire life! 

In addition, since the foetus grows rapidly in the final stages of pregnancy, the mother's uterus also expands quickly. As delivery approaches, the expanded uterus will push the internal organs of the mother away from their original positions, and stretch or tear the vertical abdominal muscles. This expansion also results in stretch marks. Our custom-fitted tummy binding helps push the body parts back to their proper positions, and enhances recovery of the abdominal muscles to ease the problem of stretch marks.
Tailor-Made Tummy-Binding Treatment Swiftly Achieves the Most Ideal Shape
The unique tummy-binding treatment not only helps a large number of pregnant women to regain perfect shape in 15 days.

We tailor-make the treatment to suit each individual client. Our therapist helps a mother quickly restore her figure by strategically adopting different binding techniques over the 15 days, following her personal body contours. The binding proceeds from the pelvic region to the belly, inch by inch, with custom-knotting using an inflexible cotton cloth to form a soft corset that ideally fits the body. This offers optimal support and protection to the body and comfort to the mother without hindering breastfeeding. The binding is adjusted on a daily basis by the therapist, in line with the improvement of body shape. Simply by wearing the binding for 8 to 10 hours a day, for only 15 days, a mother can get back her best figure. 

We highly recommends the Perfect 20-Day Package Combination
15-Day Treatment
  • 2-8 weeks after delivery
  • (complete in 3 weeks)
5-Day Enhancement Follow-Up
  • 3-6 months after the 15-Day Treatment
  • (complete in 1 week)
Recommended Treatment Timing:
Natural birth: 2-4 weeks after delivery, five days a week for three weeks
Caesarean birth: 6-8 weeks after delivery, five days a week for three weeks
Mothers who have given birth a long time ago can start at any time, five days a week for three weeks
Home Visit
To offer mothers the greatest convenience, our therapists provide home visit service.(only for DC area and a traffic fee will be charged)

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